A few years back, Frith and I started asking the kids some questions each night.

“What was your favourite thing about today?”

“What was your least favourite thing about today?”

And more recently,

“Was there anything about today that worried you?”

We would normally do this at dinner time, but as of this year, obviously, it’s been a bit hard to keep on top of our usual routine. And I certainly haven’t had a lot of opportunity to ask these questions of Chance or Quinn on their own.

Tonight, at 8pm, Chance sidled up to me and said he wanted to go to bed. I took him upstairs, he brushed his teeth, and I tucked him in to bed. We had some cuddles and I asked him what his favourite thing about today was.

“uuuuummmmm playing my switch?” (Nintendo)

Whaaaaaat? He had had the day with his uncle Jacques and cousin Josie and his Poppy (Frith’s Dad) mostly in the pool or on the beach! I gave him some curry about it, but realised he was joking a bit as well.

What was his least favourite thing? Nothing. He said “absolutely nothing.”

The third question. “Was there anything about today that worried you?”

Chance: “There was one thing that worried me.”

Oh my gosh. What is it? What’s happened? Did you overhear my talking about Dadda? Has that made you sad? Did someone say something or do something to upset you? Did I upset you? Are you hurting? Is your heart breaking because you miss your Dadda? Tell me. I’m here for you sweetheart. Oh my gosh I want to protect you. I need to protect you. Tell me anything and everything. 

All of these thoughts rushed through my head in a second. I asked my boy, my sweet not-so-little boy, what worried him about today.

“I was worried when Darby hurt himself.”

Relief and gratitude and pride and joy swept over me in an instant. Darby had stepped on something sharp near the pool and his toe had bled (a fair bit) just before dinner. (He’s fine now.) I gave Chance the biggest squashy cuddle, just overjoyed at his empathy and concern for his brother, and he started giggling like crazy.

“What are you laughing about?”  I asked innocently.

“You squeezed me so hard that I farted!!”

A job well done I’d say.

Flashback Friday

How could I possibly not share this collage of Darby at 6 months old.

First food faces are the absolute best aren’t they?

And how can I possibly not share this one too, taken just a few days later.

And look at our little nugget now. Well, not so little that’s for sure! Still making us laugh with his antics, and still has a heart of gold.

Happy Birthday Quinny

I thought I’d better get into blogging about this before I do what I did last year and went months and months without the full debrief!

As Quinn’s birthday was looming, I took the steps to plan her birthday party. Last year was a huge affair with a jumping castle and loads of her friends, and ours, and it was a fantastic afternoon that continued on into the evening, as our gatherings always did.

This year was going to be a smaller affair, but it turned out bigger than I had planned. The weather didn’t cooperate with the coldest February day in years (on record?? Surely not) It was raining, windy and cold. And the party was at the local playground.

The good news is, we had the place to ourselves! The bad news was that the kids got soaked through within the first five minutes so were a little miserable on and off for the afternoon.

Quinn wanted a cake with ballerinas, Minnie Mouse, flowers and something else I can’t remember. I suggested a mermaid cupcake cake like this:

Bless her cotton socks she agreed, and was even excited about it! As was I! There was a slight transportation issue with the mermaid tail cupcakes…

But with extra icing and a metric tonne of sprinkles, no one was the wiser…

Ha ha. Nailed it! 🙂

The birthday girl was a little overwhelmed with all the fuss, and stayed close to her Mama. That was fine by me. I don’t often get lots of cuddles from my baby girl.

She was all smiles when it came to the cake.

Again, it’s not what we planned, but we were surrounded by some of the best people in our lives and for that I am grateful. Happy 5th Birthday to my Quinny. You have always been Dadda’s girl, and I know you miss him but his spirit lives in you. You are determined, caring, hilarious, and kind. You will always be our baby girl, even though you are growing up before my eyes. Your family love you so much and I know you will go on to do great things in your life. We will be there for you every step of the way.

Love, Mama  xxxxxxx

Jules’ baptism

Just all the feels today! Our last official event at our place before packing week commences tomorrow.

My gorgeous little man of the moment was an absolute angel.

With the beautiful Hayley, his fairy Godmother ?

And with Gran and Grumpy and below with Ouma.

I’m honestly so exhausted and have just had the best couple of weeks.

The thought of starting to pack tomorrow kind of sucks but it has to be done. I’m glad I’ve got some wonderful memories of this time to cherish.

Happy birthday Chance

My big boy turned 7 today. What a champ. Then and now. Aw my baby! ❤❤❤

I made him this fairly dodgy monster truck cake that I was almost embarrassed of, until Hubs asked me “Does Chance like it?”

He. Loved it.

We had a little party for him Friday night  over at the K-mans with his favourite dinner (hot dogs) and a piñata and pass the parcel.

(Super dodgy dark photos dammit)

Today, his actual birthday, has been spent in the kombi as we make our way back south.

How gorgeous is this kid!? He has really stepped up into big boy status since Julius came along. I really need to just let him do his thing more and try to step back because he’s got it covered. He’s learning so many new things and I’m learning so much from him at the moment and it’s hard letting go and watching from the sidelines. But he’s doing just great and it’s wonderful seeing the person he is (fast!) becoming.

His dinner request was Maccas (easily pleased!) and they are all drifting off to sleep as we do the last leg to Mackay for the night.

Good night my darling boy. You are such a gift to us all and we love you so much.

Flashback Friday

This day in 2011. We were living in Mount Beauty and I invited my mother’s group and bubs up for the day to have a first birthday party for Chance and all the kids.

My gorgeous mums group. Gosh we had some wonderful times!!

It feels like a lifetime ago but also like just yesterday. How did I ever only have one kid?? They were certainly simpler times. I wouldn’t change what I have today for anything but I’m glad I appreciated just one baby when I had him.

And in 2 weeks he will be turning 7. Just like that. What a star.

Sometimes “yes” is the only answer

Me: “What would you like for afternoon tea?”

Chance: “ummmmm ice cream?”

Me: “Yes!”

Chance: “seriously??”

Yes. Those three little letters make up one big word. I just got tired of saying no; of not being fun; tired of taking everything so seriously. So this afternoon I said yes to ice cream and yes to watching Captain Underpants”.

Quinn: (squealing) “It’s not even Friday and we get to have ice cream AND a movie!”

I think that’s the whole point of us limiting our kids treat food and screen time. It’s a really big deal that they get excited about and (hopefully) appreciate.

Hubs is working days as well as evenings at the moment to help pay for our new kitchen which has meant pretty much solo parenting for me. The kids have been mostly great but I’ve been mostly cranky. But not today. Today has been an easy, fun day. And right now I’m enjoying the cool breeze on our deck with a sleeping bubba in my arms while the kids watch their movie and Hubs has a much needed sleep before his next shift starts at 5.

Sometimes the most wonderful things can happen when you just say yes.