Cakes and Celebrations


One of my favourite creations 🙂 See below.

There have been many cakes made over the years, and many milestones celebrated. Here are but a few…

Our first Wedding Anniversary

A look back at my birthday 2008

The College Bake-off

Hubs’ birthday 2009

My 30th Birthday

The Superman Cake

My babyshower (for Chance)

Hubs’ birthday 2010

My 500th Blog Post Celebration Cake
And how I made it

Hubs’ 30th Birthday

Chance’s first 1st birthday cake
Chance’s second 1st birthday cake
Chance’s third 1st birthday cake (sheesh!)

Wedding Anniversary 2011 (4 years)

End of Medical Degree Celebrations

Chance’s 2nd birthday

Quinny’s baptism

5 Years of Blogging

Chance’s 3rd birthday
(One of my best ever efforts!)

Quinny’s 1st birthday

Grumpy’s birthday

Another birthday for Hubs

Chance’s 4th birthday

Quinny’s 2nd birthday

Hubs’ birthday 2015

Darby’s Baptism

Chance’s (5th) and Darby’s (1st) birthdays 2015

My birthday 2016!

Quinn’s 3rd birthday

Happy 66th birthday Grumpy 

Chance’s 6th birthday

Darby’s 2nd birthday and cake

My 37th birthday

Quinn’s 4th birthday

Hubs’ birthday 2017

Chance’s 7th birthday

10 Year Wedding Anniversary

Darby’s 3rd birthday

Julius’ baptism

My 38th birthday

Quinn’s 5th birthday

Julius’ 1st Birthday

Chance’s 8th and Darby’s 4th birthdays

Christmas 2018, NYE, and my 39th birthday

Quinn’s 6th Birthday

Julius’ 2nd Birthday