Excuses excuses

I KNOW it’s been 3 whole weeks since my last post, but I have been busy with the following:

Vising a bajillion relatives and friends in Brisvegas
Eating WAY too many Christmas treats
Drinking copious amounts of wine/champagne/beer/more champagne
Neglecting my emails
Listening to Jazz at the Story Bridge hotel (and drinking more wine)
Playing guitar hero
Dancing with my girlfriends (NO BOYS ALLOWED!!)
Combining and coordinating mine and hubs families together on Christmas Day (with fabulous results!!)
Opening Christmas presents
Watching the cricket
Climbing the biggest mountain I’ve ever climbed (photos to come!)
Wishing everyone a happy new year!
Drinking more beer
Receiving my first 2 birthday presents (12 more sleeps!!)
Attending a wedding (dancing, champagne, yummy food – it’s all good!)
Flying back to Melbs and moving into our new place!!
Starting back at work.

So forgive me for not sending any love your way, but hopefully once Hubs and I get set up in our new place (still on college) I’ll be a bit more regular… ahem… with my posting that is.


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