Stuff it

I can’t BELIEVE how much stuff we have. Seriously. Hubs and I have just moved into our new place on college and it astounds me how much crap we own. Plus we had a trip down to Sorrento over the weekend to pick up our kitchen stuff that we hadn’t needed so far, and there is SO much more STUFF than I remember!! I really didn’t pack lightly for Melbourne at all. And unfortunately, while I was packing things in Brisbane, Hubs kept asking me “are you SURE we need all of this?” and I kept replying “yes dear, of COURSE I need these 8 tea towels and 24 pieces of Tupperware.”

And even MORE unfortunate, was that after I saw how much stuff I had brought down, and how I realised I should have left half of it in Brisbane, I had to utter those 3 little words to Hubs that made him the happiest man alive.

“You were right.”

He even did the Lleyton Hewitt “c’mon” and a few fist punches in the air. Very annoying. Oh well. As my good friend would say: I digress.

I managed to cut it down and bring back only half of the stuff to Melbourne which I thought was a pretty good achievement, so I’m looking forward to unpacking our kitchen tonight! All the other rooms are pretty much done, so I’ll have some photos up in no time.

Aaaaah. Home sweeeeeeet home.


  1. Yes, there are a lot of ways to rid yourself of clutter, but I have major issues with just dumping stuff. I really like schemes like freecycle – it’s painful to think how much of our perfectly fine stuff can be used by other people who can’t afford to buy it new. And I don’t MIND taking stuff to op-shops but I’d prefer to just give it away. That’s my 2 cents.

  2. I think your condition is a common (if not healthy) one. I saw a truck with “” (or words to that effect) emblazed on the front.

    I wish i could remember the actual address, but essentially these people come to your house, you point at the garage, and they shovel your junk into the truck and head to the dump.

    I figure if there’s enough demand to warrant someone starting a business, then you’re not on your own here.

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