ho-hum diddly-dum

I haven’t really been in a very blog-postie mood as of late. Not really sure why. I have plenty to talk about – like how I’ve been playing hockey again this semester and we won 3 games then lost the semi-final 5-4 in overtime this morning, but have made it to “grand final B” this coming Sunday. Or that I’m entering a bake-off this Sunday with the Newman SCR and my entry is going to ROCK! Or that we’re popping up to Home Hill for the Home Hill Races on the weekend of the 23rd/24th May with some friends which is going to be a wild and crazy adventure. Or that we’re currently planning a trip to the USA for 4 weeks in June/July that we’re hoping we can pull off. Or that, you know, life is going pretty damn well.

So I guess “watch this space” would be a good word of advice from me, cos once I get back into my blogging mood, I’m going to be going NUTS!

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