Food combos

spaghetti and bolognaise – good
bolognaise on toast – good
cheese on toast – good
jam and cheese on toast – good
vegemite and cheese on toast – bad
vegemite and anything – bad
banana and honey – good
banana and tuna on toast – bad (yes, I know someone who tried it)
mango on toast – bad
mango – bad
mango flavoured frozen yoghurt – good
natural yoghurt and bran with some honey – good
vegemite and honey – see above
milo – good
peppermint tea and milo – bad

And you?


  1. salt and vinegar crisps with kalamata olives. mmm…. yummy! Very Good.

    And vegemite and alfalfa sandwiches. ood

    peaches and cottage cheese. Good

    Anything and anchovies. Bad

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