Toast just doesn’t cut it

I’m a cereal girl (living in a cereal world?) and I had toast for brekky this morning and there are so many things I don’t like about toast for breakfast:

1. it takes too long
2. it doesn’t fill me up for more than half an hour
3. too many decisions to be made about what to put on it in the morning (jam? peanut butter? honey?? I’M STILL HALF ASLEEP!)
4. I get distracted very easily so there’s only a 50% chance that I won’t forget about the toast being cooked and burn it beyond recognition
5. I’m hungry now (see 2nd point)

I have a whole week of this!! (we are leaving on Friday and ran out of cereal last Friday and there’s no point in buying a whole new packet just for a week…)


  1. When I have time, like on the weekends, my favourite brekky/brunch to make is toast with avo, tomato and cheese, so I’m not anti-toast. I just can’t afford a coffee every morning (plus I work where I live so there’s no coffee shop on the way) so that’s why cereal with yoghurt in the morning is the perfect start that fills me up!

  2. Toast is great!

    There is only 3 things I ever really want on toast:
    * Vegemite
    * Peanut Butter
    * Cheese

    Sure other fancy things, but if i’m making toast because i’m hungry it’s one of those. Cheese is special occasion 2. Generally I either want salt (vegemite) or fat (Peanut Butter). If i need both, cheese works well.

    Toast on it’s own, sure it may not fill you, but I have a coffee every morning (flat white from di bella) which does a super job of filling me up. The thought of cereal as well would be too much milk to bare and I think would just make me feel ill.

    Give toast a chance!

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