Vacuuming sucks

I don’t vacuum. There aren’t many household jobs that I won’t do, but not long after we moved in to College, I told Hubs that his job was to vacuum. Oh, and clean the toilet. I don’t actually mind clearing the floor so the vacuming can be done, I just don’t like actually DOING it. But when it’s finished, and we have nice, clean, dust-free, feather-free carpets, it’s just the nicest thing in the world. (Well, in the top 20 at LEAST!)

It’s funny how, for a week or so after you do a massive vacuum and clean of your abode, any little piece of visual rubbish (bit of paper, feather from the cushion, crumbies from your toasted cheese and tomato sandwich) is immediately picked up off the floor and thrown into the bin, so as to preserve that “just cleaned” look. But then after a month, you’ll drop half a cheeseburger on the floor and not worry about picking it up.

Mmmmm… cheeseburgers….


  1. I used to be like that…now the floors get swept four times a day- after every single meal. Exhausting.

    It’s apparently not ‘good parenting’ to let 10 month old son eat said cheeseburger off floor. Not that I see why 😛

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