A drinking game – Savanna

Mmmmm Savanna. Just thinking about it now takes me back to the long, warm summer days, lazing around the braai, shooting the breeze. This was a big part of our trip and a great one at that.

Clayton, what did you think?
What does that face mean?????
Let’s see if I can get more of a reaction out of Anne…
Ooooooh yeeeeaaaahhhhhh
Well we already know how Wifey feels about Savanna
And just to show you that I don’t take myself too seriously, here is possibly the WORST photo of myself I’ll EVER post on the internet!*
And Hubs? Well he was the one who introduced me to this delicious drink!
He loves it!
So I would say that Savanna is the clear winner at the moment! And I think it’s still my favourite! I need to find somewhere in Melbourne that sells it…
*I realise other people will put embarassing photos of me on the internet, but what I can’t see, can’t hurt me!!

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