A drinking game – Klipdrift

Klipdrift is a brandy when, mixed with cola, is known as a “Klippie”.

And the taste?
Right. Same face. I give up!
Give me something to work with, Anne!
I think she likes it!!
And I gotta say…
I loved it! (that’s a happy face, just in case you can’t tell!! (What a shocker!))
In fact…
We wanted to go and buy more!!! 
We did leave some for Hubs
And lucky we did too! Thumbs up from Hubs!
Klippie was a favourite across the board, and to be honest, I’d never tasted anything like it so it was extra exciting! Not sure if I could drink more than one – it is quite a strong flavour and quite high in alcohol if I remember correctly (which is unlikely!) Only 1 more drink to go!!!

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