Tassie time!

Hubs and I are flying to Tassie tonight (woo hoo!) til Tuesday morning and I’m SO excited. I told Hubs that we cannot live in Melbourne for 2 years and not visit Tasmania! We’re not, however, so excited by the weather down there. This week in Melbourne has been atypically amazing! Like today, for instance, we had an overnight low of 18 and it’s currently 28 degrees. Oh yes. A-mazing! On Sunday up here, there will be a cool change to 13-19 for the day. But in Tassie? 9-16 degrees. Yes. 16 degrees MAX!! Ha ha. Oh well. To be expected I suppose!

Regardless, we’re very excited to be going. I picked up some $49 flights (each, each way) and booked us in to a quaint little B&B in Hobart for 2 nights, then we head up the coast to Swansea to stay with family, then back for 1 more night at the B&B and home in time to be a little late to work on Tuesday. 🙂

If you have any suggestions of things we must see, leave me a comment and we’ll try and fit it in! 2 hours of work to go!

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