Letting go

For a few months now, we have been teaching Chanbe how to “let go”. Like when he grabs a fist full of my hair  and gives it a big tug, if we say in a firm, but kind tone “let go”, he usually does. And of course we follow that up with “good letting go!” to encourage this behaviour.

If only it were that easy for adults. There are so many things that I want to “let go”, and I wish all it took was for my Mum or Dad or Hubs to say in a firm, but kind tone “let go”. Things like memories of times I’ve been hurt, or harsh words that I have spoken to people in anger or frustration, or things. So many things in our house I wish I could just let go, but hold onto just in case I might need them one day. Is it the same with feelings? Do I hold on to them just in case I need them one day? In case I need to remember the hurt; to punish the person who wronged me, or to punish myself for what I’ve said?

With all our to-ing and fro-ing we’ve been doing lately, I wish I didn’t have to bring so much stuff with us, but I bring so much “just in case.” Yeuch. It’s something else I’m working on. So much work to do, so many distractions…

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