Over baked

I’ve lost my baking mojo. I used to get so excited about finding new recipes and choosing which one to try that week, or going back to old favourites. But lately, the thought of baking makes me feel ho-hum. It could be the constant distraction I know I’d get from Chanbe, but maybe I just need some new inspiration. I’ve poured over 3 recipe books, as well as my folder of loose recipes that I’ve printed out over the years, and nothing is exciting me that much.

And the reason I want to be excited about baking is, not only do I have mum’s group this arvo that I’d like to take something along to, but we are also having people over for dinner tonight (more med students). They are bringing the main course and I said I’d do nibblies and dessert. And I’m kind of known around the med student traps for my baking, particularly chocolate-filled baking, so you know, no pressure or anything. So I’d really like to make something that would suit both occasions. Oh, and I’ve been given 10 fresh duck eggs from our friend’s farm, and duck eggs are supposed to be great to bake with.

A couple that have somewhat tickled my fancy are:

1. Chocolate orange tea bread (a new recipe to me – it just sounds a bit boring, but it does make 2 “loaves” which would be helpful)
2. Rolled sugar cookies (an old favourite but VERY time consuming)
3. Some sort of chocolate sponge cake.


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