Cognitive overload

At least I think that’s what Hubs called it. You know how I mentioned life was kicking my butt at the moment? And that it was starting to show? Well the forgotten hairy leg was nothing compared to this doozy. I booked the wrong dates for our flights to come to Brisbane to connect to our flight to Melbourne on Thursday. I booked the tickets from Rocky for tomorrow at 8am instead of Thursday at 8am.

And I was only alerted to the fact when I got a travel update from Virgin telling me about my flight on Wednesday the 25th of March.

When people have told me that they’ve accidentally booked the wrong dates for flights, I’ve always been a bit confused as to how that can happen. There are about 8 different times in the booking process that you can check your dates and other details. I remember booking these flights a couple of weeks ago. I’d ummed and aarrred about them for a few days before we decided to just do it. They were very important flights. I wrote all the details down in my diary. When the confirmation details came through, I didn’t check them, because, you know, how could the dates be wrong??

I know this stuff happens, but it doesn’t usually happy to me. I’m just so completely drained at the moment and I don’t even really know how to recharge. I’m sure the week in Melbourne with some of my favourite people will help. And the couple of weeks after that in Brisbane with two more weddings to attend will also be wonderful.

To add to the excitement, we had organised to have over a dozen people over from Hubs’ work for dinner on Wednesday night. Those plans now have to be changed. Oh, and also, the 8am flight on Thursday is completely booked out.

So it looks like I’ll be getting on the 8am Wednesday flight with the kids and Hubs will join us that evening. Oh joy. A plane trip with 3 children on my own. Talk about draining.

This is all sounding very depressing, but to be honest I’m just to exhausted to be overly bothered by it. I just have to do 3 loads of washing today, pack for us all, and vacuum. And that will be enough.

But really, life is good. I’m really really loving our new house; I like Rockhampton; the kids are just going so well; Darby is sleeping through, only waking for one feed; the house is almost unpacked… there’s so much good stuff going on. I just need some more brain space to enjoy it! 🙂

And now I need to stop stuffing around on the computer (yay! we have the computer set up!) and go and hang out washing and pack. After I finish my coffee, that is…

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