Happy Birthday Hubs

It was Hubs’ birthday on Tuesday, and after a weekend with his BFF Ben, we had a fairly low-key day. Hubs had to work but he got home at a reasonable time and was met with the smells of his favourite meal; lamb shanks. And so easy for me as well. Win win!

Before that though, I cooked him a yummy breakfast and we did some presents before he went to work.

Hubs bday 1'

This was the closest I could get to everyone looking at the camera 🙂 I made a fresh loaf of bread and dropped it off for morning tea, and when Hubs came out to pick it up, he informed me that there was a ridiculous amount of food that people had brought in. 3 different people had made him birthday cakes (which got me off the hook!) as well as brownies, cookies, and other delights. I thought it was so lovely that they made a bit of a fuss for him – he really felt the love!

Chanbe asked him over dinner “how old are you turning Dadda?” which we were very impressed by! Hubs, of course replied “I’m turning 21!” After pondering this for a minute, Chanbe proceeded to say “so on your next birthday you’ll be turning 22. Then 23 after that.” It was completely adorable and very insightful for the little guy!

I was going to bake him a cake, but after I found out how many he already had, I opted for his favourite chocolate mousse. He brought some cake home and we recycled it to sing happy birthday and for him (the kids) (Chance) to blow out the candles.

Hubs bday 2'

Happy birthday honey. You’re still my favourite 🙂

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