10 things

1. We only have 3 episodes of Nurse Jackie left to watch. Ever.

2. I may have developed an intolerance to raw spinach. I seem to feel nauseated within an hour of eating it. Further evidence needed but not very willing to prove my theory.

3. I’m also completely sick of kale. Way too much roughage in my green smoothies.

4. It took me 3 hours to tidy and clean our house on Saturday afternoon and I’ve been feeling amazing ever since.

5. By 4am most mornings, there at no fewer than 4 family members sharing our king size bed.

6. Our nieces arrive on Wednesday to stay with us for a week and we are incredibly excited. So much fun is about to be had.

7. I’ve been attending an exercise class that you can bring your kids to called mummy fit, twice a week for the last few months and I love it.

8. I have very cute kids. Video to come.

9. I have an awesome husband. No video.

10. I’ve been writing this post one-handed on my phone while I give Darby his dream feed.

The end.


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