10 things on the 10th

You know how there are some things in life that always stay with you and you remember them at the most random, weird times? Here’s a few that I’m sure the other people involved, wouldn’t recall them ever happening, but for some strange reason, have always been at the back of my mind. Bear with me here.

  1. My school nurse telling me that I wasn’t fat. And me not believing her. I was 17 and I went to see the school nurse because I was convinced I was terribly overweight (I wasn’t. Maybe just a bit chubby…). I remember telling her “I’m here to talk about my weight” and she said “do you think you’re too skinny?”. I see what she was trying to do now, and I appreciate her not taking it too seriously. I just wish I could have believed her.
  2. I made a brunch booking for a big group of us at a small cafe (I was about 25) and then we changed the venue the day before and I forgot to cancel the other booking. They rang me half an hour after we hadn’t shown up and I lied and said I had called the day before to cancel it. Then the manager rang me after that to say they had been turning people away because of my booking. I felt so so awful about it. I relive the moment and imagine what I could have done instead.
  3. A family friend saying to me, at the age of 14 “you’re going to be a terrible mum.” Because I kept picking up my cousin whenever she wanted me to (hey Sarah!!) who was 1 at the time. Turns out they were wrong though 🙂
  4. Hearing a doctor say something like “more kids die of choking on chicken bones than of asthma”. I had pretty bad asthma as a kid, and I’m sure the comment was meant to make me feel better, but it just made me paranoid about eating chicken.
  5. When I was 17 I put my hair in 2 little pigtails with cute little scrunchies as I was getting ready for school. And just as I got to the school gate, I took them out because I was worried I wasn’t cool enough to wear my hair in 2 pigtails. Oh how I wish I could tell 17 year old me that I was totally cool enough!
  6. I was giving my cousin a ride on my shoulders (I was probably 18?) and I thought my brother was behind me said that he had him so I leant back and my cousin and I fell over. Now that I have kids, this memory makes me cringe. No one got hurt, but I was so nervous about that kind of thing for a long time.
  7. I was visiting my friend in Sydney and we caught a cab home with one of her colleagues/bosses and I asked her “so are you still looking at jobs in Brisbane? When are you hoping to move back??” And it turns out she hadn’t told anyone at work she was going to leave. She moved back not long after 🙂
  8. Being told when I was pregnant with Chance that even though having a baby isn’t easy, having ONE baby is a piece of cake compared to having 2 or 3 or more. That was a game changer for me and a great way to go in to year 1 of motherhood.
  9. Being left out of a game at a friend’s birthday party because it was a dice game and there were 7 kids. I remember being pushed out of the circle and told I couldn’t play. I would have been 6 and it was in Dimbulah where I spent a lot of my childhood.
  10. Being convinced for a very long time (maybe 8 years?) that I had alzheimers disease because I didn’t have a very good memory. What can I say? Hypochondria ran strongly through my veins. My mum even let me get tested when I was about 17 or so, but I was still convinced for a while after that. Such a weirdo.

So there you go. Nothing earth-shattering, mostly random ramblings, and I’m hoping now that I’ve got it out of my head, maybe I can move on from these things? Time will tell.


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