Coffee and regret

Oh it’s been a weekend. I’m currently in the middle of a 4 week challenge with my fit mums group, and I’ve been quite strict with my food and drink consumption, particularly when it comes to alcohol and bread – I have a “no booze during the week” rule and have been limiting myself to a glass of wine or 2 at the most on weekend nights, and have pretty much cut out bread for the time being.

Except for this weekend just gone. We had an impromptu dinner with friends on Friday night, as we were preparing for our neighbourhood yard sale Saturday morning. Being Friday night I thought I’d have a glass of wine, which turned into 3 glasses and a cherry vodka. And 3 huge slices of garlic bread with my dinner. It’s true that when I deprive myself of things, I can really go overboard when I allow it back into my diet.

So after a horrid night with Darby, I felt incredibly seedy yesterday morning, and what does one do when they feel seedy? That’s right. I ate crap. Thankfully there wasn’t much to choose from in the house as I know what I can be like – it’s better to just not have it around – but my lovely neighbour brought over some chocolate slice and that undid me. And then there was freshly bake bread with our BBQ lunch which I threw myself at with no thought of consequences.

You see, since cutting back on booze and bread substantially, I am no longer piss-fit nor carb-tolerant. And last night I had a serious sugar crash. Because I was already in so deep, however I finished off my 24 hours of drunken scoffing with 2 pieces of pizza and another cherry vodka (on the rocks baby.)

So today, I shall be living on coffee and regret. But, unlike days gone by, I will not allow myself to dwell over it or punish myself, or think “well I’ve ruined it now, so I might as well just forget about it and eat some more.” Along with my coffee, I’ll be eating lots of fruit and veges, and I’m about to go for a big old walk down to Woollies to do our weekly shop. Because I know that one bad 24 hours does not define my lifestyle. I had a great time, enjoyed some very yummy food, and can now move onwards and upwards.


  1. Oh honey I so totally understand (but without the parenting attention and brain-needs associated with the hangover – I only have to take care of me after – eep!) I love your attitute! One thing I know – the difference between the odd weekend and every weekend is what you say to your self after – if you see it as “I’ve blown it now, stuff it” or if you go “oh well, back on the old horse again” is more important than what happened on the weekend. Enjoy it and move on! You are the best, by the way lovely lady xoxo

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