On the road again

When we moved to Rockhampton nearly two years ago to the day, it’s the closest we have lived to Brisbane since moving to Melbourne in 2008. And we have made the trip down the coast in the car quite a few times since then. It’s an easy drive and the kids know the drill now.

We had to do a mid arvo departure last time which I was initially annoyed about but it worked out really well. Instead of the usual two or three stops which would make it a 10 hour trip, we stopped once and punch through after that as the kids were fast asleep. Which is what we are doing this time as well. We left at 3:30 this arvo and we’re hoping to get in around 11. Very reasonable indeed.

I did the first leg from Rocky to Childers – very impressed that the two weakest bladders in Chance and I made it the full 3.5 hours – and now we’re in the second stretch with Hubs at the wheel.

Brizzie we’ll be seeing you soon!


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