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I know I’ve written about stuff before – as in having too much of it and not knowing what to do with it, and here I am again. So. Much. Stuff. I took a trip to my mother-in-law’s garage today, to rid her of some of our boxes and bags. And here it is in the back of the car!

Today’s exercise has given me so much blogging material (phew!) but today I’ll just give you a quick run-down of what I found:

  • Letters – I had a few pen pals growing up, a few in particular I wrote to for years and years. And I have the letters to show for it!
  • Love letters! I even found a few from Hubs from our early days. *sigh*
  • Cards cards and more cards. I have cards from my 1st birthday all the way to my 31st. I have get well soon cards, I have every single one of our engagement and wedding cards. And more!

Photo albums from the dawn of time. Guys I can’t wait to share some of these photos with you. A line from the Sunscreen Song kept popping into my head, but that is a whole other blog post for another day.

  • Engagement presents that we’ve never even used. Seriously.
  • My entire collection of photo negatives from the 90s and early 00s. Hundreds of the buggers.
  • Hubs’ used phone card collection. Yes. You read that right. There are no words.

I need help. I’m trying to find the balance between sentiment and hoarding. And given my family history this is a hard line to toe! Any help and suggestions of where to start would be great! What do I do with all the negatives? Photos of ex-boyfriends?? Old love letters NOT from Hubs?!

So. Much. Stuff.


  1. When trying to scale down, I’ve started to take pictures of certain sentimental items. Especially the ones that I’ve completely forgotten about and have just been at the bottom of a box. Coming across the item would bring lovely memories to mind, and a picture of the item would do the same thing.

    Picture organizing is a whole other post though. 😉

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