11 things on the 11th

As promised.

“From then to now” – 11 things from our childhood that we are introducing our kids to.

1. Nicknames – my Dad used to call me buggalugs and this is what we call the kids. As well as luggabugs.

2. Spot books – they were some of my favourite books growing up and the kids love them.

3. Thunderbirds – this is a recent addition and I can’t believe how much the kids love the show! I look at it and think “so dodgy” but they are really getting into it.

4. Dr Seuss – Hubs grew up with Fox in Sox and all those amazing stories. Me not so much, so I’m enjoying them for the first time now! And just quietly, Hubs reading Fox in Sox is something to behold.

5. Disney movies – we make sure the kids are getting a taste for the oldies and goodies as well as the latest and greatest. Fun for the whole family!

6. Holding hands – Dad used to hold my hand and gently squish my knuckles. I find myself doing that with the kids as we cross the road.

7. Star wars – a timeless classic.

8. Lego – as much for us as it is for them, let’s be honest here.

9. Music – I grew up listening to Pink Floyd and Cyndi Lauper. My kids listen to Bruno Mars and Taylor Swift. And Pink Floyd and Cyndi Lauper. And Adele and OK Go. There’s not a lot of Wiggles being played around here I can tell you.

10. Tonka – We are always on the lookout for genuine metal Tonka trucks, not the plastic ones they are slowly being replaced with. They really are built tough.

11. Food – I love making pierogi for my kids and watching them devour it. And we are definitely a BBQ family which is a wonderful tradition to continue.

So there it is guys. A day late but a bonus item to make up for it. In other news, I haven’t missed a day of blogging this year yet! There have been a few close calls but I’m still here, 101 days in. See you tomorrow ?

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