The only “should” that matters right now

I “should” just do whatever I want; whatever makes me happy; everyone else be damned.

Okay so that may be overstating the fact a little, but I made a choice today that my former self would not have. I decided to stay home and hang out with Darby instead of going to the indoor play area. I know he would have loved it but being in the middle of toilet training at the moment, and having Jules with me as well, I just didn’t have the mental or physical energy for it today.

So we just hung out. While Julius slept, we read stories, drank cups of tea, and he did all of his business on the toilet!!!! It was such a lovely morning with him and we just don’t get to have much time together where I’m not racing about trying to get things done.

I made the decision to just be with him today and it was the best.

Cheers little man. You are freaking delightful!

Poor Julius. He is such the 4th child…

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