24 to go

So I just had a little look at how I’m going with my 250 blog posts for 2017 and so far I have written 226. When I first looked into it it said 209 and I freaked out a bit, but then I went back and saw that there were a bunch that I hadn’t tagged as 250 in 365 so that boosted the numbers a bit!

I truly do have plenty to say and share, but finding the right time and headspace to do it is tricky! I’ve smashed a few out this evening and scheduled them for the next couple of days, but it looks like it’s going to have to be at least a one-a-day affair for the rest of the year if I’m going to meet my targets.

So, you know, prepare to be photo-spammed! Ha! Starting with this one. I finally got a photo of the two of us that is half-decent!!

Except I really need to do something (SOMETHING!) with my hair! I’m loving having a bit of length but it might be time for a shorter cut. We’ll see…

I’m still recovering from our farewell BBQ on the weekend – blog post scheduled – and after leaving Fit Mums a bit early today I came home, crashed in bed and slept on and off from 9 until 1. Hubs was home and parented like a trooper, as well as cleaned up the rest of the kitchen and consolidated downstairs a little. I’m still a bit shattered but honestly the sleep did me a world of good.

The next couple of weeks are going to be amazing and brutal. Equally. I have three cakes to bake and decorate which will provide some blog fodder thankfully, my parents are coming up on Thursday for five days and Hubs’ mum is coming up for the weekend as well, for Julius’ baptism on Sunday. It’s Darby’s 3rd birthday on Thursday as well as Chance’s school friends party and then next week it will be packing stations.

On that note, I’m sleepy again so I’m off to bed. One down and 23 to go.

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