Chipping away

Dammit. I just realised a missed my “10 things on the 10th” for December. In fairness I did do one on the 1st of December. It might have to do.

I think if I only had two days and all the packing supplies, I could pack the house up in that time. The thing is I know I have another 5 days, and I’ll probably use that whole time.

I’m loving putting things aside for the garage sale. It’s going to be more work but I think I’m being more ruthless with our stuff which means fewer things to pack!

To be honest, packing up the house is only causing about 50% of my stress at the moment. The rest of it revolves around renting this house out and finding one to live in and all the paperwork that entails!

Not that you can tell I’m stressed. Dad commented on how calm I seemed considering the upcoming move. And I guess I am calm. Either that or I’m too damn tired to be stressed.

Either way more boxes have been packed and tomorrow the kids will head to Brisbane with Gran and Grumpy. And you know what I’ll be doing?

Nope! More packing…

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