Another day another 10 boxes

Gosh it’s hard to downsize.

I think if Oprah came and pulled out all our belongings in our house and placed them out on tables I would be quite shocked. But I don’t think we have a ridiculous amount of stuff.

Others would disagree.

Did you know that the average household contains 300,000 items? Hubs told me that. I don’t know where he got his figure from and I didn’t fact check him so it could be completely made up. But can you imagine that??

I mean I have about 200 rubber bands. Does that count as 200 items? And what about my Bobby pin collection?

It’s like saying that the Thermomix comes with a recipe book with hundreds of recipes. But 72 of them are just different types of risotto.

Sorry. Had to be done.

Anyway we are doing our best. We are taking photos of things we can’t decide on. It’s helping.

Chance and Quinn went to Brisbane with mum and dad today. They have arrived safe and sound and I’m falling asleep.

See you tomorrow for more boxing.

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