Flashback Friday

This was the photo shoot for our 2016 Christmas card. Frith would always set up the timer and would take about 100 photos (1 per second) and we would hope to find a good one to use for my annual Christmas mailout.

For the first 100, we got the framing a bit wrong! Otherwise this one could have been the one!

This was towards the start of the second round
This was when 2-year-old Darby ran off
This was where Frith was tickling Chance
This was when Darby got curious
And, if memory serves correct, this was the money shot
Frith always preferred photos of him where he wasn’t looking at the camera, and I just think this photo captured us all.

Frith was always passionate about taking photos, and our annual Christmas photo was always so much fun. He did take it pretty seriously though. Where I’m more of a “point and shoot and that’ll do” kinda gal, he would set up the lighting, take test shots, and make sure the final product was magic. And it always was.

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