Paranoid hypochondriac

A Whine

I’ve always been a bit of a hypochondriac. And I’ve always been a little bit paranoid when it comes to my health. I mean, what if I just ignored a particular ailment, only to discover that it’s really serious! Too late!? So I’ll often listen to my body, and visit the doctor when I don’t feel right.

On Friday morning, I woke up and didn’t feel quite right. My joints were really achy and I had a rash on both of my legs. It wasn’t a terribly alarming rash, it just looked like a heat rash to be honest. But getting out of our futon bed was really difficult and quite painful. My first thought was that I had been bitten by a spider or something, but I couldn’t find a bite mark. So I sucked it in and got on with the day. I was due to go out dancing with my friend on Friday night and since it has taken us 3 months to find a night we were both free, I really didn’t want to cancel.

So out I went and danced up a storm at the Turf Bar to some of the cheesiest music from the 80s and 90s. It was fabulous! Trying to walk from the tramstop home, however, was not so fabulous. EVERYTHING was hurting. In the mean time, I wasn’t getting much sympathy from Hubs, as I wasn’t actually FEELING that sick. I just felt funny and achy. He had commented a few times during the week that I was acting strangely, but I just thought I was being a woman. So on Saturday morning I trotted (rather awkwardly) off to the doctor’s surgery.

I was called in by a Russian-sounding female doctor (which made me think of Nanny) who, after looking at the rash, feeling my glands, taking my temp and hearing about my aches and pains, gave her medical opinion: Rubella. German Measles. What the?…. I’d been vaccinated! Apparently, you can still get it, but it won’t be so severe. I just had to try and keep my distance from people for the following 5 days. No easy task when I live and work with 250 people.

So when I got home and told Hubs, I FINALLY got the sympathy I deserved. He put me to bed (after we dyed my hair – another story) and brought me cups of tea. I did about the same on Sunday and by last night the aches and pains had started to ease.

All I can say is I KNEW I wasn’t quite right. And it might explain the big bowl of crazy I dished up to Hubs over the few days before. (That’s what I’ll blame it on anyway!)


  1. Well I think it’s okay not to be TOO mushy, until he’s been diagnosed with something (other than a “man cold”.) That’s what happened to Hubs and I – he didn’t give me anything til he knew there was something medically wrong with me! And then I REALLY hammed it up! 🙂
    Feeling much better now thanks!

  2. Bugger! That means I guess, giving all the overwhelming evidence here, that I was a bad wifey- wifey and should actually take el husbando’s ails seriously too now in the future! I mean, come on Renae you’re not doing my cause much good you know 😉 Hope you feeling better soon – that’s so rough!!!!

  3. Well, I took Axel to the doctor earlier this year because he had a rash and I needed a medical certificate for daycare. He didn’t seem sick, actually, Henry seemed sicker, so I had not offered him any sympathy. Turns out my little Octopus had scarlet fever – he was totally old school sick. And he was apparently still recovering from glandular fever, contracted 2 months earlier – did not know this either. That taught me not to dismiss his claims of illness so readily.

  4. Yeah, to be honest, It’s really not that bad. The rash has gone and the aches and pains are fading as well. I think I got enough sympathy for the level of sickness I actually felt!
    Weird though, hey!?

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