It’s oh so quiet (sshhh sshhh)

Since we kicked all the Junior Common Room students out… ahem… since they left of their own accord… a few weeks ago, we’ve pretty much had the place to ourselves. Oh, apart from the 175 Homeless World Cup delegates who stayed with us for 10 exciting/crazy/entertaining days, and now the 30 or so “maths nerds” who arrived yesterday. Anyway, apart from all of those people, there are only about 30 of us staying here at the moment. It’s lovely! We don’t have to line up for dinners, the food is even better (we had corned silverside the other night – delish!) and it’s just nice and quiet.

I guess we’d better not get too complacent though. They’ll be back before we know it! In the mean time, we’ll be moving into our new unit (still on college) once we get back from Brizzy and will have much more of a home, rather than just a couple of rooms, so we’ll be looking forward to some visitors in the new year to show off our new abode. I’ll be sure to post some photos of the new place once we’re settled in, but in the mean time I have a bonza (yes, I just said bonza) before and after sequence of Swanston St, where we live.

Taken in late August:

Taken in late November from around the same spot:

Noice huh!? Though, I’m not sure what Mother Nature is playing at the last few days – it’s December and it’s currently 16 degrees and raining. Can’t wait for those 35 degree days back in Brisvegas!! (I’ll be complaining within a week, guaranteed!)

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