Mondegreen #11 and some thoughts

I’m just another clown kicking around in Melbourne town, so says Harry from The Cat Empire. One of my favourite Cat Empire songs is The Crowd, and I feel even more of a connection to it now that WE’RE the clowns kicking around in Melbourne town. I particularly like the second verse that goes a little something like this:

On the train I refrain from sitting with head and shoulders bowed
They told me time is of the essence
No wandering allowed
But then I saw a pretty girl
Whose features stood out in the crowd (whose feet just stood out in the crowd!! Huh??)
Went ten minutes past my stop waiting for her to look around
I’m just another clown kicking around in Melbourne town
Cooling out, relaxing watching the
World go round
So if you ever have the time
And you want to go drink some wine
I’d rather greet you with a smile
Than greet you with a frown…

Then there’s an awesome drum riff and trumpet fanfare, followed by Harry going nuts with some ad-lib! Brilliant! It’s such a cool, sexy song that always makes me smile. I really feel like it captures a lot of the essence of living in Melbourne Town.

Come visit some time!


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