Home Sweet Home

In case you haven’t heard, we arrived back home from the USA to Melbourne on Sunday evening, after spending the day with friends and family in Brizzy on Sunday (well, a few hours anyway!) Our trip was incredible. Truly. It couldn’t have been better than it was I’m sure. I think we did enough planning to take the stress out of it, but not so much that we couldn’t change our plans here and there. Hubs is currently downloading the photos (we’re fast running out of hard drive space!!!!) so I’m planning on doing a NaBloPoMo for August starting on Saturday (obviously).

Oh, and the weather here sucks. I got SO used to bright sunshine and warm days, EVERY day. You know, like living in Queensland. It’s about 15 degrees here now. Phoooey. I guess it makes me appreciate the good weather when we can get it!! Already looking forward to summer again…

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