Day 9 – Happy 4th of July!

Saturday, 4th July 2009 – on the lake

Another cruisey day with little other than walks along the lake, and lunch at the bar to kick off the 4th of July for us.

It’s the biggest day/weekend on the lake so by about midday we could already hear the sounds of fireworks being set off. Yeah. In broad daylight. But you know, when they’re only a couple bucks each, who cares if you can’t see them!? BJ’s Dad took us for a cruise in his cruiser up the lake for an hour or so and it was great fun. Very relaxing indeed…

Kimberley contemplating life. What else can you do when you’re so relaxed!?

The pretty pretty clouds and sunset.

Just as the sun was setting, a storm was rolling in but we were undeterred. We grabbed our margaritas (well, everyone else did. I still can’t go NEAR tequila) and deck chairs and set up on the water’s edge. The darker it got, the more ominous the storm clouds looked, and by the time the fireworks had started, so had the thunder, lightning, and downpour! We took refuge in the car, but not before Hubs got some very tricky shots of the fireworks and the full moon.


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