The Queen

I’m such a dork*. No, really. I sometimes look at myself (either in the mirror or in my head) and just think “Gee I’m a dork.” I’m one of those people you see at the shopping centre, dragging along her little granny trolley while tying to hold a shopping basket as well, wearing pants that are a little too big, bending down to get the yoghurt, dropping half of the stuff in her basket, and trying to pull her pants up. All while giggling to herself. (Yes. This actually happened to me.)

I’m one of those people who will glam up for an occasion, hoping people will notice how hot I’m looking, but then turn up to dinner the next night in a Muumuu and thongs with my hair sticking out at crazy angles, and not give a crap what anyone thinks. (Yes, I do this regularly.)

I’m one of those people who sings 80s songs out loud, anytime, anywhere and think that everyone is laughing WITH me, not at me. Oh, and I also used to LOVE going shopping with my 2 besties in high school, and start singing along to music that was being played in shops. It used to drive them nuts, which made me want to do it even more! (I was a really annoying teenager.) Of course, I would only do it in the shops I didn’t like, and wanted to get out of. (You know who you are! It was all part of my genius plan! Mwah ha ha ha ha.)

There are just too many other examples to speak of. I think one of the things that really enhances and compliments my dorkiness is my clumsiness. Seriously. I’m one of the clumsiest people I know. I was clanging about in the kitchen the other day and I dropped the water bottle twice – once when getting it out of the fridge, and again when putting it back. Hubs didn’t even flinch.

So I asked “How come you don’t even flinch when I drop or smash stuff?”
His response? “Because it happens all the time. Whenever you’re in the kitchen, I hear *crash* “sh*t” at least once or twice.” I thought about it and then laughed a lot. It’s funny cos it’s true! (And I need to stop swearing!!)

So Hubs might be King of the Nerds, but I’m definitely Queen of the Dorks. And a very proud Queen at that.

* the general definition, not the USA definition. I hadn’t even HEARD of that being a potential meaning of the word. I had already written this post before looking up the definition, and you know… I don’t care!

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