Mondegreen #15

She Bop was a very confusing song for me, as previously mentioned. I didn’t even know what the song was about – I just assumed that it was about dancing – bopping – you know what I mean? But no, it’s not. It’s about….. um….. I’ll let you read about it yourself 🙂 (Pay particular attention to the second paragraph under “song information.” Classic!)

So the second lot of lyrics I misheard were:
“Do I wanna go out with a lion’s roar?”
which I always sang as
“Do I wanna go out with a lying slob?”

Well no, I don’t! And I certainly don’t want to dance with one!


  1. That always happens to me…I’m really bad at hearing lyrics probably. I blame english being my 2nd language (which it really isn’t anymore…)

    Random question, How do you the “to do list” thing

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