And away we go!

He called! They accepted our offer!! 🙂 We are now waiting for the contract for the house to come through and are in the midst of applying for a loan. We got pre-approval from one place, but that really doesn’t mean that much. This is the real deal now. And we are hoping and praying like crazy that we get the loan and it all comes together. It’s a very exciting time, and it should be more stressful than we’re finding it, I’m sure! But we know we’re in good hands, in so many ways, so there seems to be more of a peace surrounding our situation which is really lovely. We should know in the next couple of weeks how the loan application goes, and if all goes according to plan, we might be home owners by the end of June!


Not that we’re getting our hopes up or anything… HA!

I just feel so damn grown up.


  1. It’s so true isn’t it! The good thing about buying in Wangaratta, is that our debt is less than $200,000! We’ll never have such a low mortgage again! Plus, remember, that we’ve got a few years on you two whipper-snappers! 🙂 You’ll probably buy a house at a younger age than us!

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