The Book of Eli

Warning: Spoiler alert (and potty-mouth) in the comments 🙂

I wrote this post over a month ago but seem to have forgotten to finish it or publish it. I thought I would share the first part of the post here, and might complete it some day…

Hubs has been wanting to watch The Book of Eli for a while now, but he sold it to me all wrong.

Hubs: “Can we watch The Book of Eli?”
Wifey: “What’s it about?”
Hubs: “It’s a post-apocalyptic mov….”
Wifey: “No thanks.”

And now I admit, I shouldn’t have been so quick to dismiss it. I think it has instantly become one of my favourite movies now and I want to watch it again. I would really recommend it to… anyone!


  1. Some idiot recommended The Road to me over The Book of Eli. In said movie there was a distinct lack of awesome fight-scenes and Denzel Washington. Both of which TBoE duly supplied. I have no idea how The Road was nominated for any of the awards it was.
    What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, great at the end with him being blind and all. Have a shit one anyone who hasn’t seen it.

  2. I can’t really think of a good example but “post-apocalyptic” is more than likely a turn me off. He’s slowly learning which words to avoid 🙂

  3. After the movie was over, I just sat there for 20 minutes going “wow”. It really had a profound effect on me that’s hard to describe, and it stayed with me for days/weeks after. I had to tell EVERYone about it! 🙂

  4. We saw it the other night, and I was a little disappointed. I appreciated the basic premise, but felt like there were a few things that could have been improved.

    *Disclaimer: I did fall asleep about halfway through, and missed about 20 minutes of the movie before being rudely awoken by a particularly loud fight scene. So I ‘may’ have missed something

  5. Ahhhh! That made me laugh. And laugh. And laugh.
    (Actually I’m still laughing).

    That’s exactly the sort of thing that might happen in our house 🙂

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