A new rule… with Peanuts on the side

No more post-apocalyptic movies just before bed-time. We watched The Road last night and to be honest, it was rather a disappointment. It reminded me a lot of Castaway which I also didn’t much care for – just lots of scenes and not much of a story line, but rather, just a story. Does that make sense? There was no purpose (in either movie) other than to “stay alive” which is probably a good purpose I suppose.

This apathetic view of the movie didn’t stop me from having some ridiculous dreams though. A bit scary, but mostly annoying.

Do you find it annoying when people tell you about their dreams? If I’m going to tell anyone about my dreams (specifically), I’ll tell Hubs and he’ll tune out as I’m doing so. If I dream particular things about particular people, I’ll mention it in passing to them, but would rather not bother them with the details.

It reminds me of a very funny Peanuts comic strip I read the other night. If you don’t want to go to the link, here’s the general gist: It’s from the 27th of February 1952. Violet (an old character who didn’t stick around) is telling Charlie Brown, in great detail, about a dream she had, and Charlie Brown is getting increasingly annoyed and is making his feelings known. In the final frame, Violet says “Do you suppose all that means anything Charlie Brown?” to which he replies “Absolutely! It means you were asleep!”

I laughed and laughed, and reading it again I’m laughing now. It’s so true! What do dreams mean? It means you’re asleep. Brilliant. Classic Schultz. I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying reading his comics.

Check out another one of my favourites so far, here.

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