Rain rain, go away…

We’ve been in Brisvegas since last Monday and it has rained every day. The only good thing about this is that it’s been surprisingly cool for this time of year so the humidity hasn’t knocked me around too much. We’ve been having a really great time catching up with family and friends, but it’s now time to catch our breath, so we’re laying low for a few days. This means watching the cricket (1st day of the Boxing Test = embarrassing), eating Christmas leftovers, and having lots of baby snuggle time.

In the next few days/weeks I will be attempting to blog about the following:
– Hubs going fly fishing with Dad and catching 2 fish
– Our few days in Melbourne
– The wedding in Trentham
– Our trip up to Brisbane
– Christmas Eve and Christmas Day
and whatever else tickles my fancy.

For the time being though, I’m going to check my google reader and see what’s been happening while I’ve been sitting around, staring lovingly at my boys.

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