A fine whine

When we first arrived in Melbourne, our friend Nate came down for a visit so we headed to the Yarra Valley for a look and taste around wine country. We splurged a little bit (read: we didn’t have a budget) and spent a few hundred dollars (read: more than I care to admit) on some very fine wine. Now the thing about buying nice wine when you’re a little bit broke, or are about to become a little bit broke, is that you like to save the good bottles for special occasions. Fast forward two and a half years, and you end up with wine that should have been enjoyed two years earlier as it has endured extreme temperatures of anywhere between 2 and 40 degrees.

I’m so bummed about this! There were 2 wines in particular, one which we opened last night, that aren’t as great as they would/could have been. I remember buying this one in particular from Moet and Chandon and it was $30 and I thought “we’ll drink this on a special occasion”. But no occasion seemed “special” enough and now the wine is less than special.

Mental note: Life is special, so anytime is a special occasion for fine wine.


  1. Yes it was the ruby shiraz, as well as the blueberry wine. I just remembered about the gewurztraminer that we bought this time last year – will have to make sure we drink that in the next few months!!

  2. I feel your pain. A lot of wine I bought then died a horrible fate in the brisbane summers, but took a few years to discover 🙁

    I’m hoping the wines survive in the wine fridge now, it should be sitting on 14 but been getting up to 20 with the brisbane heat. I think i’ll cry if i lose all the wines i’m saving (and by saving, i mean forgetting about so future me can discover them and get a nice surprise).

    Which wine was it you lost? the ruby shiraz?

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