Steak night!

I’ve always been a bit nervous about cooking steak – there just seems to be a knack to it that I don’t have. Or should I say, didn’t have, until last night. We bought some eye fillet steak from our “local butcher” (I say “local” because it’s 10km out of town, but totally worth the drive) and after marinating it in soy and olive oil yesterday, I cooked them up last night. Uncle Ben kept saying “you can’t ruin a good cut of meat” and I kept thinking “wanna bet?” But I gave it a go, and they were awesome. Granted, I had a bit of help from Hubs and Uncle Ben, but I feel much more confident about cooking steak after last night’s efforts.

And now tonight, I’m going to tackle some fish. (Pardon the pun. Or don’t :-))

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