Why thank you for all the compliments for the cake! I really had a great time making it – that’s the good thing about Chanbe going to bed around 6pm. I get the evenings to bake and cook to my heart’s content while Hubs plays studies on his computer. Tonight I spent 2.5 hours cooking meals to put in the freezer so Hubs has a few things to eat while I’m away, and so I don’t have to cook for a week (more like a month!) when I get back from Brisbane and we have to move.

Oh yeah, did I mention Chance and I are going to Brisbane for a week on Wednesday? I thought it would be good for Hubs to get some solid study and sleep done in preparation for his exams. The next month is going to be absolutely chaotic, with my trip to Brizzie, Hubs’ birthday (guess how old he’s turning!?) (and I’ll give you a hint – it’s not 23!), Hubs’ first 2 exams, our garage sale, (I’m SO EXCITED about that!), then some full-on packing needs to start, then Hubs’ third and final exam (yay!) then more packing (and culling I hope) and then we move the week of the 4th of July. That’s only 3 weeks and 1 day away. Yikes! I want to be “settled” in by that Friday – that’s the plan anyway. The thought of it all is giving me a massive headache, and I don’t know if and when I’ll have time to blog in the next wee while, so I’ll just have to play that one by ear. I’m glad I got my 500th post in though!

There is something I do want to share in the mean time. Last week I was going through some of my posts on this blog, reminiscing and reading about our adventures, when I stumbled upon this one. I looked up the movie I had mentioned, The Expendables, and Hubs and I ended up watching it last night.

It was awesome.

I do love a good action movie, and the best thing about this movie? One of the scenes had Bruce Willis, Sylvester Stallone, and… wait for it… Arnold Shwarzenegger!!! I’m not even kidding! Where else can you get Bruce, Sly and Arnie teaming up like this! It was a thousand times better than The A Team movie (2 thumbs down from me) and just a whole lot of fun. 2 thumbs up if you want mind-blowing action and a star-studded cast.

I’m falling asleep at the keys now, so I’m going to call it a night. Looking forward to seeing a few of you while we’re up in Brizzie!

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  1. Speaking of old posts, i’ve discovered this gadget that you can put on your blog sidebar that picks a random post(s) each time the page refreshes.

    For the reader it can give a taste of what you write, and for the writer it can be a fun trip down memory lane (because each time you view an old post, some more random ones come up in the sidebar).

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