I’ve taken a bit of a step back from my blogging lately. This hasn’t been an entirely intentional decision on my part. I just haven’t been feeling it. A few times I’ve thought “I could blog about that” but nothing has come of it. So I decided to read some new blogs, to get some inspiration; to get the creative juices flowing again. Trouble is, the more blogs I read, the less I felt like writing. I feel like it’s all being said by other people, so why bother saying it myself? And then if I get an idea from someone else’s blog, is that plagiarism? There are just SO many bloggers out there these days, particularly mummy bloggers, which I don’t necessarily consider myself one of, but there are many.

My main purpose for this blog is to document our life in a non-facebook medium, so other people, mainly family and friends, can keep track of our adventures. I guess the more blogs I read, the more I felt a need to write things that people might find interesting. But what people? My intended audience are people who know us and want to know what we’re up to. And even though I am by no means a competitive person, I felt pressure to “do better”.

There is a lot going on in our lives at the moment, but it’s mainly around back-and-forth travel between MB and Wang; something I’m already sick of, and I’m certainly sick of talking about it and how sick I am of it. I thought I had been coping with it okay, and all throughout October, I have been looking forward to being at home in MB for November. Cos that’s what Hubs said would probably be the case. Turns out, The University of Melbourne’s Faculty of Medicine, Rural Clinical School, hates us. Hubs has to travel back to Wang for 3 days a week for 3 weeks. When Hubs told me that news tonight, I almost lost my sh*t.

It’s not his fault, I know that, but I was really really looking forward to some home time. To not having to pack a suitcase; to trying to teach Chanbe some good sleeping habits (like, you know, actually sleeping for more than 2-3 hours at a time) but this seems like a waste of time if we’re just going to drag him back to Wang again for a few random nights here and there.

Wanna know some good news? (Pleeeeease Wifey!!!!!!!!!!) Hubs’ Mum arrived today and she’ll be with us til next Wednesday, and my parents arrive the same Wednesday and stay for 2 weeks. Which means? Extra sleep for Wifey. And of course, lovely, precious time for Chanbe to spend with his grandparents. It might also mean I’ll be back on deck a bit with the ol’ blogging.

I have some things to share, but I don’t quite have the words as yet.

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