A mammoth task

We had Grandpa’s funeral and wake yesterday. I said to Hubs on our way to Nanny and Grandpa’s place, where the wake was held, that it feels much more final. When Nanny passed away, we still had Grandpa with us, but now that they’re both gone, I feel like “that’s it.” It’s a strange, not-nice feeling.

And the next job? Clearing out the house. The contents of the house was left to me in the will, so it’s up to me to determine what happens to what. I don’t really want that responsibility, but it’s mine and I will do my best to honour their wishes. This will also mean we’ll be spending a lot of time out there, and not so much time at our beachside holiday house 🙂 But that’s okay. It’s a job that has to be done.

We just have to work out where to start…

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