Wifey’s last night in town

It’s just after midnight, we are leaving Brisbane in a matter of hours, everyone else is in bed, and I’m watching the Australian Open Men’s final. It’s amazing. I can’t go to bed!

I may also be trying to delay our saying goodbye as long as possible. It’s been such an amazing 2 months being around family – it’s hard to imagine having to do everything with only the 3 of us. It has certainly made trying to decide where to go for Hubs’ internship next year very tricky.

We leave after lunch and we’re aiming to be home sometime Thursday. There is so much packing still to do, but still seemingly a lot of tennis to watch! (go Nadal!) Oh, and this is my first blog written and posted on my new Galaxy SII. I hippie to work out all the quirks soon for future posting!

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