Bring on the PMA

My friend and I frequently use the term “PMA” (Positive Mental Attitude) in our day to day lives. When we’ve had a rough night with our boys, we try to instill a PMA for the following day.; if we think something is going to be too hard, we try our darndest to have a PMA and get through it.

On Sunday afternoon, my PMA was nowhere to be found. Hubs was working in his office for the afternoon, and I was tired and defeated by the thought of tidying the house and packing for Wang. I had written my list, but I wasn’t prepared to act on it. So I sat down and started writing a “my life is so hard” blog post. I was reading through and editing when Chanbe needed my attention so I left it, planning to return and publish the post later on.

Chance was going a little bonkers inside the house so we went out onto the deck and played with his cart and trike. We had a really good time and as I was watching him I thought “I have the power to turn this around!” Bring on the PMA!! So we came back inside and I started tidying and packing. Just doing one task at a time, playing with Chance for a bit, then doing a bit more.

I had completely forgotten about my blog post until hours later when I found it, had a quick read, and promptly deleted it. It felt goooooood. So thanks to my super organising, we were pretty much ready to go by Sunday night at 10pm! Chance woke us up around 7am (very reasonable!) and all we had to do was eat brekky, pack the esky, pack the car and make our cups of tea for the road. Which meant we left an hour early, which meant we arrived in Wang an hour early, which meant the 3 of us could walk to Hubs’ work together and grab lunch on the way!

I love it when hard work pays off! Speaking of hard work, I also joined the gym yesterday afternoon, and between walking there and back both yesterday and today, and the pump* class I did this morning, I’m beat! But, you guess it, it feels gooooood. I might just have a little nappy-nap before Chance wakes up 🙂

*I only wish I looked as good as the guys and gals on the video!!

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