Since we gave plenty of notice of our intention to leave this house, we have already had 6 lots of people come through with the real estate agent to inspect the house. We are not breaking our lease – I signed up until the 17th of November – so I just thought I would be extra nice and give over 2 months notice, so they could find new people to rent the house.

As I have mentioned, I don’t generally keep our house in a particularly tidy state, mainly because, since we moved in in April, we never fully unpacked and a lot of our stuff has never had a “place” so often I don’t even bother trying. For the inspections, however, I have always made sure things are relatively tidy, vacuuming done, and kitchen spotless. We have been excellent tenants, in my opinion, so today’s inspection left me feeling quite deflated.

I’ve just started feeling okay with our huge move coming up – we’ve sold a couple of things, have interest in a couple of other things, and designated a lot of stuff to give away. I have picked up some packing boxes, and have already filled several bags for the op-shop. After showing the prospective tenants around, the real estate agent came back to where I was on the computer, gave me a look, and said “So, you’re still right for your vacating date? I noticed the back garden is getting out of hand. Are you getting someone in to professionally clean it up?”

“Ummmm… yes?”

“Have you got the checklist that you need to complete before you vacate? Are you still okay with the date you’re leaving?”

“Ummmm… yes?

And it went on like this for a bit longer.

Seriously. I’d just started feeling okay. And now, not so much. Maybe she was just doing her job. Maybe she thought she was being helpful. (And maybe I made a face at her as she walked out the door.) But if she had known the crazy life we have lived in the last year, she would have BACKED OFF. I do NOT need that kind of “help” and yes, moving house is a big job, but I know it will work out. You know how I know? Not just because we’ve done it 4 times in the last 4 years, but because it has to work out. There is no other option.

So excuse me for letting the gardens get “out of hand.” I’ve had other things on my mind thank-you-very-much.

Chanbe helping Mama with the vacuuming

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