My list of things I don’t need right now:
– Chanbe had a temperature last night and was generally miserable, so neither of us got any sleep. Barely keeping my eyes open right now.
– An obstetrician at the hospital has ordered another glucose test to rule out gestational diabetes, even though the first one I had came back clear. The test takes 2.5 hours and you have to drink this disgusting sugar drink and get blood taken 3 times. Cos I have so much time to spare right now.
– I have a rash on my neck that has come out of nowhere and is itchy.
– I’m still getting pains in my guts that stop me in my tracks and force me to lie down.

To do:
– Keep packing boxes. (just keep packing, just keep packing)
– Attend my last mother’s group tomorrow (heartbreaking)
– Pick up trailer from Albury
– Buy a sexy dress for the Rural Clinical School graduation dinner on Saturday night in Ballarat
– Plan Chanbe’s 2nd birthday party

Up until yesterday I was feeling like I was being productive and really getting stuff done. Today, I’m yet to achieve anything and just want to go back to bed. Maybe I should do just that and try and have a productive afternoon and evening. Hubs get back tomorrow evening after his boys camping trip (he’s having a great time) which will take the pressure off somewhat.

This time next week we’ll be on the road. So much to do before then…

Random photo for your viewing pleasure.

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