Best laid plans

Today is my day to get organised and also to catch my breath after our week away in Brisbane (more on that to come). Chanbe is at childcare and Hubs had a late start so we had a lovely brunch together with Quinn. Now I’m at the shops and I’ve been here for almost 3 hours already. I was going to finish off with the groceries and go home but by the time I did that, I’d have less than an hour before I’d have to turn around and come back to pick Chanbe up, as his childcare is just around the corner from the shops but 15min from home.

So I thought I’d pop to the coffee club, grab a coffee and make some phone calls. Only problem is, it’s so loud in here that phone calls are too hard. So I just spent nearly $7 on an average tasting coffee (I KNOW!!??) to sit and listen to 2 women behind me having an animated conversation about life and kids and their husbands wanting sex “all the time”. It was annoying me to begin with and I realised why – I wish I could be having a similar conversation with a friend in a coffee shop (minus a few of the topics mind you!)

Anyway, after that realisation, I have changed to being happy for the ladies behind me who are enjoying each others company. And I am enjoying the company of my little girl 🙂

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