Sooooo slooooowwwwww

We have lived in many towns and cities over the last few years and the internet service/connection/speed has varied dramatically in each place. The funny thing is, it seems the smaller the town, the better the internet. In Melbourne, we lived in Parkville, which is a stones throw from the CBD, yet we were in a black spot. We had patchy mobile coverage and terrible internet. When we moved to Wang, we couldn’t believe how much better it was! And then we moved to Mount Beauty, where the communications tower was quite literally in our backyard. That internet was ridiculously awesome. I always had a dozen tabs open at any one time and it could keep up with my multitasking like you wouldn’t believe.

And now we’re in Townsville. And all I can do is sigh. *sigh* I have been trying to write about our trip to Cairns last weekend, for the last 4 days, and include photos, and it just keeps freezing up on me. Even if it’s the only tab/window open, it just can’t handle it.

And the worst thing is, the only suburb in Townsville (so far) with the national broadband network, is just across the river. So close, yet so far. And so damn slow…


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