Mothers Day

Yesterday was Mothers Day here in Australia. Hubs had to work so I have booked in my sleep in and breakfast for his next day off which is this Thursday. Our friends are up visiting so we had a day of touristy stuff planned. Chanbe must have known it was a special day, as he slept in til 7am! Woo! He came into our bed for cuddles and gave me my presents and lovely card. I was given a pamper voucher for 5 visits which I’m very excited about, and a bike!! Well, a picture of a bike. Hubs bought me a fully restored Moulton commuter bike off ebay and I can’t wait to see it! It still has to make its way to us, so I will get another surprise soon!

Myself, the kids and our friends and their 16 month old little girl took off around 9am to see Castle Hill (we drove up), and the Strand. It was an absolutely beautiful day!

Us at the top of Castle Hill:

We had a walk around and took in the gorgeous views, and then headed down to the Strand for a walk and fish and chips for lunch. I then took the kids home for a sleep that never happened, and then we all headed to Riverway for a swim in the afternoon. It was Quinn’s first swim!

We came home and fed the kids, then I cooked up some parmas for us all. After dinner, I was getting some food ready for our trip to Magnetic Island today, when we heard Chanbe crying. Hubs went in to settle in, and then I heard Chanbe calling me so I went in as well. There was spew all over his bed 🙁 Hubs took him in the shower while I cleaned things up, and for the next 4 hours, he spewed every half hour or so. The poor little guy. We were up a few more times during the night, and he has been unwell today so we decided not to go out.

I was so worried my friend’s little girl would be sick as well, and she was fine up until they started driving to the ferry. She has only been sick once, so I’m hoping that will be it for her, and that none of us (especially Quinn) get it.

So that was my mothers day. And I wouldn’t change it for anything 🙂

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