Where was I?

Ah yes. Brisbane. Had a great time!! It was actually much more relaxing than usual, as I had only just been the month before, so didn’t feel the same urgency to catch up with EVERY SINGLE PERSON I KNOW who lives there. Just a few things here and there to top up my friendship cup.

And now, Mum is here in T-ville with us, and we are looking towards our next move. We are staying in Ingham for 10 weeks from the 10th of November. I say “staying” as opposed to “moving”, as we will be in a fully-furnished and decked-out 2 (very large) bedroom, 2 bathroom unit provided by the hospital. So we just really need to bring clothes and linen. Oh, and all the paraphernalia (WOAH! I totally just spelt that correctly first time!!??) that goes with having children. We had to buy a trailer to fit it all in. I’m serious. The rest is going into storage until the following move.

Anyway, after the 10 week stint is up, we will be heading west to Mt Isa. Hubs’ place of birth, and our home for 2014. I’m feeling quite fine about this move, unlike the last move. It might have something to do with the fact that I’m not pregnant, and not on as much of a time press as the Wang move. Plus, we REALLY didn’t want to leave Wang. And as much as we will miss our great friends and family here, as well as my cousin and her family who are moving up here next here (dang), we never really felt like we were “at home” in T-ville. I’m not sure we will feel any differently in Mt Isa, but we’re going in with open minds and know that whatever happens, we will make the best of things.

I packed 10 (small) boxes today. Mainly books and crafty supplies – you know, the easy stuff. Having Mum here to entertain the kids (and do all the other behind the scenes stuff mums do) is already a great help.

We’re not sure how much longer our internet will be connected here, so if I drop off the grid for a while, you know why. But rest assured, I’ll be back as soon as I can. Until then, wish me luck with the packing, and book your tickets to Mt Isa for 2014! Ha!

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